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Project update

The Bristol99 project has now finished – for the time being!  The final event was a ‘data hack’ party, where Bristol Natural History Consortium and a group of volunteers who had been with us from the start of the journey, entered the wildlife data that had been collected over the 6 weeks and 40 events.   The final tally saw 3157 new records and 861 individual species for Bristol – a great achievement over such a short period of time.

 Over the duration of the project, there were 6 school events, 9 group events and 22 public events, which saw people of all ages and walks of life taking part and enjoying the natural world.  Hopefully, these events, delivered by many local partners, succeeded in engaging a whole new audience with the wonderful wildlife in their local green spaces and for some, this may encourage a more long term interest, desire for further involvement and sense of stewardship.

Such was the success of the project, that the BNHC team are now looking into ways of making Bristol99 a long term project – any developments on this will be announced on the BNHC website – www.bnhc.org.uk 

Huge thanks go to everyone who supported the project – we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did!


Bristol is a great city!  And it’s also a green city, in fact, it holds the title of greenest city in the UK – certainly something to be proud of!  But how much do we know about our green spaces – where they are, or what they’re special for?  And how much do we actually use them, or enjoy them?

Well, we’re hoping to introduce people to some of Bristol’s best this spring and summer, through Bristol99 – our exciting new project celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Festival of Nature, Britain’s largest free natural history event and one of Bristol’s most popular festivals.


Snuff Mills

Snuff Mills

Through 6 weeks of events and activities, from bug hunts and bird watching to evening bat walks and scenic bike rides, Bristol99 is going to take the festival out and about into the city and directly to people where they live, giving them the opportunity to reconnect with the natural world and discover the wildlife on their doorstep.

With 99 great wildlife sites to choose from, we are hoping that as many people as possible will take advantage of this opportunity to get out and about this spring and summer, by attending at least one of our events.

Find out which events are in your area by visiting https://bristol99.org.uk/find-an-event/ and make sure you keep up to date with it, as events are coming in all the time!




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